14th Annual Etiquette Evening

The following post was written by Michele Bernardin and Josh Griffin, professional development co-chairs for the Commerce Student’s Association.

The 14th Annual Etiquette Evening took place this year at Bergmann’s on Lombard on November 2nd. Event attendees had the opportunity to learn valuable skills on how to wine and dine gracefully in a formal dining setting.

Lew Bayer, a civility expert, guided guests through a delicious three-course meal, using her in depth knowledge to fix (almost) all dining faux-pas! The evening came to a close with a lovely dance-floor opening up, and all those in presence being invited to join and show off their moves.

All in all, Etiquette Evening 2017 was a success, and we would like to thank all those who attended, and those who helped create such a lighthearted, networking event. We hope to see you all there again next year, in the hopes that you’ll remember to hold your wine in the correct hand (without spilling).