Thank You for a Great Year! CSA 2016/17 Year in Review

What a great year it has been at the Commerce Students’ Association! Over the past 12 months, the CSA successfully ran over 25 events, ranging from conferences to socials, banquets to golf tournaments, and numerous fundraisers in-between. As this year’s council comes to the end of their term, today we will reflect on the hard work of the many student volunteers that make up the Commerce Students’ Association, as well as the many Asper students who have participated in our events and made use of our services over the past year.

The Beginning

Following the welcoming of 50+ members of the new CSA council, the year started off by closing out the academic year at the first-ever Commerce Closer social at the Marlborough Hotel. This social was both a celebration of the achievements of the year prior, but also to celebrate the start of a new year at the CSA. Over the first few months, committees formed to plan many of the CSA’s flagship events, and a new website was launched for the Commerce Students’ Association. Over the summer, these committees met to plan their events, with the Shinerama committee being the first to execute their events. We finished the summer with the CSA’s Annual Corporate Golf Tournament.

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In September, we welcomed students back with the second annual Commerce Week. This week both welcomed back existing students and invited new students to get involved with a variety of CSA events.  September also saw the conclusion of the Shinerama campaign, and ended with Friday Night Lights – an event combining a Bomber game with a Commerce Social. September also saw the introduction of the CSA Today podcast hosted by Eric MacLise.

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In October, amidst preparations for the CSA’s two largest events (taking place in November), the CSA welcomed two new council members as First Year Representatives and hosted the annual Halloween Shocker social at Canad Inns Windsor Park. The month concluded with the start of a three-week long strike at the University.


November was a busy month for the CSA. In November, the CSA welcomed over 500 students, corporate partners, faculty, and alumni to the 50th Annual Commerce Business Banquet. This event featured Matthew Corrin, Founder and CEO of Freshii. The same weekend as Business Banquet, the CSA also welcomed over 120 delegates from business schools all across Canada for the 24th Annual National Business School Conference. To prepare for both of these events, Asper students had the opportunity to attend the 11th Annual CSA Etiquette Evening, where they were taught about proper dining etiquette at professional functions.

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December saw the start of Asper’s First Year Council’s fundraising events. The FYC hosted a massive bake sale and silent auction to raise money for their charitable efforts. Asper students were also provided with brain food during one of the CSA’s winter term Exam Crams. The month finished with a bang at the annual Commerce Carol social at the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg.


While most of the year had passed, the CSA still had many events left to host come January. In the short period of time left in January after the extended winter break, Asper’s First Year Council hosted their 50’s Night social at La Roca, the CSA hosted the 1st Annual Coffee House at Degrees, and this year’s Asian Lunar New Year Celebration. January also saw the introduction of the CSA’s new Borrow a Charger program, and many of Asper’s JDC West teams taking to the podium at JDC West 2017 in Edmonton.

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In February, the 5 Days for the Homeless Committee started their fundraising efforts with the hit Friday for the Homeless, featuring a performance by CSA President and VP Corporate Relations George Semchuk and Myles Dancho’s band. Asper students also voted for the incoming President and Vice President of Operations, and engaged in 20/20 Vision, a seminar on the impact Indigenous participation on Manitoba’s economy. Asper’s First Year Council also had the opportunity to bring a group of kids out to a Manitoba Moose Game.

February also saw the introduction of the Tour de Commerce, a day-long bus tour of Winnipeg’s vibrant business community.


The CSA finished off strong with a series of events for the 5 Days for the Homeless campaign, including 5 Hole for 5 Days, Harry Potter Trivia Night, the annual Sleepout, and 5 Acts. Asper’s FYC hosted the Annual Bison Buddy Bash, Students celebrated Asper’s 80th Anniversary and the opening of the new Drake library. The CSA’s sports co-chairs organized a pub crawl to a Moose Game. Additionally, the CSA hosted the “What’s your Muse” Fashion Show, and finished off the year with the 4th Annual Howard Morry Leadership Conference.

Stay Tuned!

Watch out for details coming soon about this year’s Commerce Closer! Come and join us as we celebrate the end of the school year and exams, and look forward to the year to come!